Using our in-house test stands we test, analyse and display your screw joints or bolt connections according to your needs.

Your component parts and connecting elements are secured on a programmable EC-screw spindle. Using the latest  measuring equipment we determine the physical properties:

  • Torque
  • Turning angle
  • Clamp force

In a following analysis all measured data is evaluated and presented in graphic and tabular form:

In conclusion the test results are documented in a final report.
This can include:

  • Determination of fiction coefficient for screws and bolts according to DIN EN ISO 16047
  • Friction torque for locking and adhesive thread locks according to DIN EN ISO 2320 und DIN 267 T27/28
  • Insertion and thread forming torque for directly threaded connections in plastics, light alloys and steel
  • Insertion and overturning torque for determining optimal mounting parameters for your planning process incl. static hedging
  • Stripping torque and stress limits of your connections or connecting elements (breaking and over torque)
  • Loosening and breakaway torque
  • Prevailing torque to determine the remaining clamp load
  • Preload and clamping force
  • Settling effects: long term and/ or temperature tests determine the influences of temperature, vibrations and time on your connection´s clamping force (retardation or relaxation)
  • Influences of rotation speed


We look forward to viewing your applications, at your location if desired, to develop an optimal test and analysis plan for you.